Publications: Marker Making

“Placement and Compaction of Non-convex Polygons for Clothing Manufacture,” by Victor J. Milenkovic, Karen Daniels, and Zhenyu Li, appeared in Proceedings of the Fourth Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, August 1992. This paper introduces our strategy for automated layout of pants and other types of markers. The marker-making task is partitioned into three parts: panel (large piece) placement, compaction, and trim (small piece) placement. We provide a common mathematical basis for these operations. Implemented algorithms for panel placement and compaction are presented plus future directions form trim placement.

“Compaction and Separation Algorithms for Non-convex Polygons and Their Applications,” by Victor J. Milenkovic and Zhenyu Li, appeared in the European Journal of Operations Research, August 1992. This paper focuses of compaction: methods for optimizing an existing layout of any type by planning a simultaneous non-overlapping motions of the pieces. We discuss the theoretical complexity of compaction and give an algorithm for translational compaction of marker pieces. This algorithm is extended to eliminate overlaps among pieces if any pair overlap. We show how overlap elimination plus compaction makes it possible to perform fully automatic marker making through substitution-based database-driven marker making. Starting with a high quality layout, this technique can generate a totally new layout by substituting pieces, eliminating overlaps, and compacting. Until we can reliably generate high quality markers from “scratch,” database-driven marker making could generate good to high quality marker for industries with large databases of high quality markers. The software has been licensed to Microdynamics. 

For further information on automatic marker making applications and related technical papers, please visit Victor Milenkovic’s site. 

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