John T. Dunlop

John T, DunlopJohn T. Dunlop, who passed away on October 2, 2003, was a founding member of the Harvard Center for Textile and Apparel Research. He had an extensive career in labor relations and government, including serving as U.S. Secretary of Labor from 1975-1976 and as chair of President Clinton's Commission on Worker-Management Relations. He also served as a mediator and arbitrator in a wide range of industries and was the author of more than ten books on labor relations and labor economics.

Along with being a founding member of HCTAR in 1990, John Dunlop’s association with the apparel and textile industries went back to his work setting wages in the textile industry during World War II, acting as a mediator and arbitrator in the garment industry in post-War period, and founding the Textile and Clothing Technology Corporation [TC]2 with Fred Abernathy in 1981. His long list of accomplishments at Harvard University, in government, and as a tireless problem solver in a wide variety of industries and disputes is detailed in the two articles available by links from this page.

We remember John as our friend, colleague, and co-author. We will miss his incisive and creative mind and high standards of scholarship, his insistence on rooting research in the “real world,” and most of all his good humor, mentorship, and collegiality that always made working with him a joy.

Details of his extraordinary life are in the Washington Post Profile and in the Harvard Gazette profile. (Download: Washington Post profile | Harvard Gazette profile)

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